Kemet Has NO Real Power (because it’s not Kemet)

March 1, 2021

Because that place called Egypt is NOT the true Kemet!!!!! Everything came from Kush anyway. The pinkazoids have changed the names of everything and redrawn the maps to confuse us plus they financially destroy sacred locations like Detroit and Memphis so we don’t want to live there because of the poverty and resulting crime. The true Kemet is right here on this land in America which includes North, Central and South America and not just the land under the unlawful jurisdiction of the US Corporation in league with Rome. They say a sucker is born every minute. I think it’s probably closer to every second. Intuition don’t lie. Pinky has to die. ASE.


  1. I concur. I traveled to Egypt in Dec 2019 right before COVID hit. I enjoyed the trip, even the traveling aspect of it. It was a wonderful trip to say the least, but like everything else it, Egypt has been co-opted for tourists and the sheep. And I’m still paying for the trip to this day lol. But its cool, no regrets. Going there solidified what I already knew and was awakening to though, from that perspective it was worth it.

    • ive heard similar responses from others man. the money is just fiat debt notes with no real value so its good to spend them and get rid of that roman/rothschild energy. that arab low vibration hybrid energy is all over that place now though. how do we know the hybrids didnt move the real shit elsewhere? they deceive all the time lile their father. or maybe right here is da real shit. i still feel the pull of kush but nothing from kemet and they dammed up the aswan on purpose to put most of kush underwater. they know the true origin and wanna hide it. cant no kushite ever possible be no damn pinkazoid. its not even feasible in any way so they are using egypt as a distraction when hetkaptah is right under our feet. i know you can feel it just like i can. history is his story and our story is mystery or my story. they cant hide the lies anymore in the age of aquarius. love of fake money is da root of all evil….and its downfall. ase king!!!!

      • Holy land is wherever the melanated man/woman resides anyway. I know you heard that one before.

      • we are all one. ase.

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