Kill Gates Wants To Program You Like Windows

March 2, 2021


  1. This is going to be a challenge to stay away from these vaccines. But I’m still not doing it. AseĢ

    • im thinking about mexico real hard!!!! my chart says i wont make big money until i move to another country. i aint moving nowhere just to become the foreign homeless one!!!! this US corporation is such a global fraud…argh!!! ASE!!!!

  2. Mexico would be a good place to start and maybe further down south towards the equator.

    Do you notice how these pink skins are now saying they have covid for the long haul? They are trying to say they had covid last year and they are still sick a year later. They lie so much. They are always looking for a disability check.

    • 100%. money is their fake melanin and the money is fake too just like their fake vampire soulless asses. i can barely stand to look at their hideous feces faces anymore. they so dead looking. it aint helpin im watching the last underworld jewvie either. they just like these creatures. now they makin fiat off da masks…and of course its copper in the name since thats the metal of venus which rules taurus and the masks cover the mouth which taurus rules. its all bull!!! papal bull!!!!..and bullshit!!!! they think writing some shit on paper makes it true. hahahaha…

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