Paying Bills With Other Bills….HUH?????

March 2, 2021


  1. Right! The average person does not have a clue to what “fraction reserve banking” really is. There should be NO interest on mortgages, student loans or any loan. Because the bankers take the loan note use it to print more money. So why do you need to pay any interest on the loan? The bankers are crooks.

  2. money is fiat debt licensing vouchers but everybody programmed to get dat paper!!!!!!!!!! that’s a lot fiddy cent…….idiot….anyway paper sounds like papal to me……and that’s exactly what it is. rome……i swear if i have to lose my soul doing it rome is going to fall once and for all. enough of this shit where they pretend they fell (like britain did too) and go into hiding while still pulling all the strings. they better hope my powers don’t come back online. you know what’s going to happen if they do. say bye to the white house, the capitol, the vatican, the london square mile, the bank of international settlements, the imf, the world bank and all the goddamn popes that ain’t my damn papa!!!!!! i can’t wait for their eternal suffering to begin. of course being a pinkazoid is the worst thing that can happen to anybody. that’s why they have to die. nobody should have to live as a hybrid turn between two species….same with biracials that are really bi-species. i’m watching this underworld shit right now. they love vampires and likens because they know it’s them!!!!!! ASE!!!!!!

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