Watch “‘Insanity’: Texans React To Gov. Abbott Lifting Mask Mandate, Reopening State | All In | MSNBC” on YouTube

March 3, 2021


  1. I lived in Texas several years ago and I still have a lot of friends who live in Texas. They are more concerned about the Biden opening the border than coronavirus. It looks like Texas is a social experiment with all of these disasters. Who knows they may change things up and send the next disaster somewhere else.

    You had be thinking about the number 23. My mom’s birthday was just on February 23rd. Are the olympics still beginning on July 23rd?


  2. yeah texas is marked for sure. they keep trying to pretend they’re a separate country. haha…..then there’s that whole houston death ritual they did with the hurricane. they also used houston for the katrina spillover when they called us refugees. then dallas is there on the 33rd parallel where they executed jfk. the weather is dallas is strange too. it can be 100 degrees one day and the next it fucking snows. wtf?!?? that place is cursed with the freemasonic illuminati energy. they are still executing people there with the electric chair too. remember they tried to secede from the so-called union too several times??? haha….just like cali china owns most of that land now. the rogue government working for rome gave it to them as payment since china figured out the dollar scam and won’t take US treasure bonds anymore. rome is falling and this time for real!!!!!! i just want it to happen faster but i’m impatient like that.

    yup looks like olympics in tokyo start on 7/23. i’m surprised they’re still having that shit at this point. they want to get back to normal where only melanated people die and not everybody else too!!!! hybrid stank beasts…..

    23 is very important. i see it every damn where. i think because it’s one more than 22 their master builder number plus it adds up to five which sort of represents the pentagram and moving from the 3rd dimension to the 5th which is happening for us right now. of course it’s the 23 chromosome factor too. i hope when we get to the 5th dimension for good we can use our powers and kill all these manimals remotely. hahaha…….i’ll be so happy watching them all die from floods, earthquakes, solar flares, hurricanes and whatever else our melanin can dream up. chaos energy!!!!!!!

    i was thinking yesterday you said you were in a flood. was that in chicago or when you lived in houston? i’ve never heard of a flood in chicago..haha…..except the flood of crime they always report on the southside which ain’t nothing but genocide. they put crazy niggas there just to go out and randomly kill people. dem niggas be having chips in their brains. bobby talked about it about 10 years ago so you know it’s wayyyyyyyy worse now. ASE!!!!!!

  3. i think texas was mad because they know the elite depletes used that HAARP weapon on their asses to make that ice storm happen so they basically said fuck you by ending all covid restrictions. it was like -30 degrees…haha…..even the cave beasts don’t like it that cold. temperatures that low never happen in the states or i should call them what they are….colonies full of hybrid colonists pretending to be americans when the only true americans are us!!!!! the dumb ass pinkazoids don’t understand that the elite don’t give a shit about them. they’re just cannon fodder to be used and disposed of at their whim. they’re so stupid they think their skin color actually matters to rich people. hahaha……..ASE!!!!

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