Coming 2 America Is More Jewish Feminist Filth (SPOILER WARNING!!!!)

March 6, 2021

I knew the jewvie would suck but I didn’t think it would suck this bad. I don’t think I laughed even one time so I will just point out what stood out to me since this shit ain’t even worth a real decoding. Of course they had to mix rapping in with a whole bunch of ghetto shit too but the main message was that the melanated male has to be subjugated to the melanated female. They think they’re coming up because of money that is not even real money when in fact they’re all going down and subjugating themselves to Rome and the Rothschild Jews. Most melanated people have completely lost their intuition and minds as well.

ROYAL MY ASS!!!!!!!!!!!

How the hell Eddie Murphy gonna even make movies about African relationships when he married to a goddamn skankazoid!?!?!?! He proud to dilute his blood with a manimal too ain’t he? Look at him…..sleeping with the vampire!!!!! hahaha……….

And of course in the movie he has three daughters thru marriage……..the Unholy Trintiy with no masculinity.

But his father King Jaffa tells him about his bastard son in America so after that the King dies from his illness at a farewell party for him and Eddie Murphy takes the royal jet back to America with Simi to locate the son. In other words they had to kill Osiris like they always do. It’s so fucking old…….just like James Earl Jones. I always liked him more as the voice of Darth Vader to be honest than doing those goddamn cell phone commercials.

He looks like a big ass bullfrog or a relative of Dizzy Gillespie.

So he finds the bastard son he had with a ghetto bitch one night he got high before he met this wife. In other words baby mama and baby daddy drama just making fun of the condition of the original people like Maury. Tracy Morgan plays the buffoon guardian of the bastard son. That dude is seriously fucking insane.

They got bold at one point where they tell you that they are putting our own people or maybe lead into the hamburgers at Mcdonalds. Look at this freeze frame I took with my piece of shit “cell” phone.

It says MOORS LED BY BITS AND PIECES or maybe it’s just BITS AND PIECES OF LEAD in the McFlurby. Either way it’s all subliminal and lead is the metal of Saturn who they think of as Satan the god of time that keeps us restricted in flesh.

Then they were having burgers aka BERGERS at the new McDowells in Zamunda made from grass and no meat meaning no cow meat but rather human meat. US!!!!!!!!!

Then dumb ass John Anus I mean Amos comes up and announces his Pepsi partnership………

And of course they had to have Wesley Snipes wearing another dress again. I’m going to change this nigga’s name to Dressley Snipes. The kilt is actually Moorish though. They just don’t want you to know that.


They still mad about the positive image and ancient metaphysical role he portrayed with the melanated wombman from Blade so they been trying to destroy his masculine image ever since.

Of course his bastard son hooks up with his female barber instead of the daughter General Snipes offered him for a marriage alliance. How the hell you gonna be preaching feminism and then still giving women away like objects?!?!?! She was bangin’ but just a mental slave for the Prince. I don’t really need or like six pack abs on females either. Just sayin’……..

Teyana Taylor and Wesley Snipes star in COMING 2 AMERICA Photo Courtesy of Amazon Studios

Anyway just like the first movie the promised daughter is fine but cannot think for herself and only exists to please the prince. Whatever….I would have taken both of them and then got another bath with the bath team Too Live Crew.

So his true love wants to open a beauty shop in America so we see the link back to Ice Cube and Queen Latifah who ain’t no damn queen at all and Cube the clone with his partnership for BLACK America. hahaha……..

You can see how they re-use the same themes over and over. They are not creative but even if they were the point is to keep you stuck in a loop. This is how the Jews time releases, sequels and re-makes using astrology and numerology but since people have short attention span syndrome they never notice the programming.

Why do you think they put such emphasis on our hair??!?? Because they know our hair is a receiver of information through the sunlight. Melanated females are killing themselves with weaves and chemicals aka KHEM I KILL.

They know power is in the spiral of the hair just like the spiral of the double helix DNA. They cannot make it any more obvious than this. The Prince had to cut the whiskers of the mighty lion to assume his royal position. DUH!!!!!!!!!!

The most obvious one was the reference to Trading Places. Eddie did that same BLT look in the screen that he did in Trading Places.

Also when he found out that Simi had given him strong weed the night he fucked that ghetto chick that conceived his bastard son he jumped on Simi and started choking him the same way Dan Akroyd did in Trading Places when he woke up and found Eddie Murphy taking over his life had not just been a dream….but rather a $1 bet between the Dukes. This is what Rome has done to us……traded places by using lies, deception, religion and mind control.

There’s not much more to say. It was just a booster shot of programming to make sure melanated people are still asleep. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…………………………………………………………….


  1. Thank you for this review. I got to the 7 minute mark when Vanessa Bell Calloway was barking and I turned it off. This is so disrespectful portraying our people this way. And Eddie is married to a cave beast and before that married to a hybrid.

    Most people do not need to watch this programming. When I read your review, I was thinking about the movie “They Live” and how you have the magic glasses on 🧐 and you see through the bs. It is really that functioning pineal gland.


  2. fa sho!!!! you made it a whole seven minutes?!?!?! hahaha…….that is funny as hell sis. i just watched it to see how stupid it would be and of course it did not disappoint. this is why other “races” treat us so bad. the jew programs them to think we are all like this and so we get treated badly by everyone on the damn planet. i remember bobby saying that when the energy gets high enough all these fuckheads are going to start spontaneous combusting because they cannot handle the kundalini with their busted ass pineal glands. it’s already happened to some of them……babies just exploding into flames. hahahaha!!!!! i will never shed one damn tear!!!! ASE!!!!!!!!

  3. haha……….nuben mentellect said the same thing you did. he got 5 minutes into the jewvie and turned it off. haha……you have to be very sick in the head to watch that shit and actually enjoy it. i just watch them to decode them but i hate all of it!!!! ase!!!!!

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