Covid Is Also A Grenade Genocide

March 7, 2021


  1. There are a ton of folks that have immunity to this cold virus. I am pretty sure that I have been exposed serval times and nothing happened. But I refuse to get the nasal swab or the antibody test or the vaccine. Look at this suppressed news story.


    I really want to slap this guy (John Hollis) for even letting these scientist know that there are people that are living their lives with what they call “super antibodies”. They will just take his blood and give it to the 1%. More parasitic behavior. If they are dying from a cold virus, then just let them die! Asé

  2. yeah he looks like a buffoon from moon in june. haha….corona virus has been around so long that you can see it on old lysol cans. it ain’t even as powerful as the regular flu which they pretended didn’t even happen during covid. what did covid just somehow cancel out the regular flu?!?! hahaha…….they lie about every damn thing but i expect them to. it’s completely within their nature. look at all the people who died from fear and suicide and are still dying. that blood is all on their hands…..not to mention the elderly they are senociding to avoid paying out social security since the rogue government is bankrupt because china don’t want their dollar no more and yet still printing out toilet paper fiat instruments calling it money and stimulus. it might be stimulating them like the little boys they molest and eat but it ain’t doin’ shit for me!!!! ASE!!!!!

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