Pope Visits Iraq????? (desperation move fa real)

March 9, 2021

This pathetic move is just an attempt to control the ancestral energies of Mesopotamia. They never had any real power…..only what people believed and misperceived. Their currency, the dollar, has collapsed because of their greed, pedophilia and cannibalism of infants. This is just the beginning of their punishment. They can’t even afford to keep the Vatican open because the donations have plummeted. Remember the Donation of Constantine where they forged a document to make armies loyal to them to go exterminate the original peopke (moors) all over the planet under Unam Sanctum and Spanish ala Moorish Inquisition. It’s still going on today except we call them the police. It’s really the KKK the White Brotherhood also known as the Democratic Party that most of us keep voting for as if it even matters. Voting is just taking a vow. It’s a consent ritual so the Vatican can keep stealing taxes from you as tithes, molesting and eating your children and then occupying our land all over our planet!!!!!! YOU CAN TELL THEY ARE DESPERATE NOW BABY!!!!!! TIME TO FINISH THE JOB!!!!! DIE!!! DIE!!! DIE!!! ASE!!!!!

Shiekh dude had to tell the Pope-a-dope to keep his hands to himself from the looks of it. I would so love to cut that Pope fuckers head off and put it on display at the Vatican and take back all of our shit they stole for their little filthy rituals.

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