Watch “Bobby Hemmitt: Jesus Christ is Really The Devil 1” on YouTube

March 9, 2021


  1. You would think that we would figure that out already. Every time something happens, folks pray to jesus. And then things get worse … That is why I don’t like to have that conversation with people. Please please don’t pray to jesus for me. Ase´

  2. i know man. if jesus was so great for us and not for them how the hell they in charge of us!!!! he can’t be good for both of us and obviously they got most of the shit so duh!!!!!!!!!! wtf?!?!? my moms always be like IM PRAYING FOR YOU!!!! i be like NO!!!!!!!!!! DON’T DO THAT!!!!!!! she’s praying to a false god that steals energy from our melanin and sends it to pink skins. that fucker ain’t gonna do me no good!!! that thought form can probably cause me actual harm but she doesn’t understand metaphysics whatsoever and don’t wanna hear it since she got raised to praise fake white daddy jesus. i just do a spell to make sure whatever she does gets cancelled out.

    “black” people always doing things without understand what the hell they are really doing. voting is another prime example. your vote is keeping rome and the jesuits in power because you are rubber stamping the global goddamn fraud!!! and on top of it you are saying it’s ok to steal your land and to traffick your children all over the planet for pink skins to molest, torture and cannibalize. every dollar we spend is another contribution to rome and more death. i know most of us will never get this so i shouldn’t get upset about it. hell i didn’t get it for a long time myself.

    you know the hybrids ain’t gonna give up control even when they get completely exposed. they will always practice deceit until the very last one of them dies. taj keep talking about nationalization and global decolonization. yeah i get that but the pink skins ain’t going nowhere willingly. they have to be killed through some supernatural act of the most high. parasites don’t just pack up and leave the body once you find out they’ve been sucking off you. you have to take medicine that kills them and then problem solved…..THE LAND IS RETURNED BACK TO US!!!! it blew my mind though when i found out the stock market is nothing but using birth certificates for child sex trafficking. i need to go do another death ritual on these fools right now!!!!!! ASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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