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March 13, 2021


  1. Somebody shared your 2011 article about Jewish Supremacy in America, and it is right on cue. That topic in fact now more than ever needs to be discussed. My personal experiences with the violence of Jewish supremacist violence in New York earned me the credentials to tell it like it is. New York (New Amsterdam) at the time owned by the Dutch was the slave-capital of the world and Jews conducted their human-trafficking business selling of African’s as cattle to Christians in the America’s from the comfort of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The person who demanded that you share your sources, by the way I found her and so funny she is an American lesbian tweeting from The Hague, in the Netherlands….the privileged government protected minorities are Jews and White women and both exploit Black people to further their depraved and predatory political agenda. You have to right to be angry, but don’t let those vampires who suck the life out of people to get to you. Why did you close the comment section?

  2. People either want to know the truth or they don’t because they hate the truth or they already have a set of beliefs they falsely believe are true. The mind control has almost everybody. Once in a blue moon it gets me too but not for long. My pineal gland is always peeping the bullshit. I just don’t have time for people who are still lost. I just spit what I know and move on. Debating with idiots is pointless. Also some of them are trolls so I don’t even want to give them anything to do either. Ase.

  3. The female who thought she had the right to doubt your report, now happens do be doing her PhD in colonial studies in the Netherlands. The Kingdom from where the Jews conducted the trans-Atlantic slave-trade, that’s why she was demanding your sources so that she can use them and make her name at the expense of Black people. Her twitter profile says…..”Author, lesbian, just enough of a bitch to be worth knowing. Fairy tales and witchcraft.” Which tells you what she’s all about, a depraved white female who benefits from the predatory Jewish supremacist system that destroyed the Black family in America and goes around plundering the natural resources of non-westren countries. Read Henry Kissinger’s national security memorandum (NSSM 200) which advocates the depopulation aka genocide of non-White people. Kissinger a warmongering fascist (supposed) victim of Nazi Germany, is considered a great American statesman.

  4. facts. all at the behest of rome. taj tarik bay breaks it all down on jewtube….aka youtube on the channel “house of reawakening minds”. you can get more info at rvbeypublications.com as well. it’s all about wardship status. they have us labeled as blacks under the christian black codes of 1824 and we refuse to stop allowing them to label us whether it’s black, african american, colored and negro. we keep trying to make black something positive like we did with “nigger” and “nigga”. the hybrid manimals don’t work with emotions. they work with reality of the law. under their law black means dead with no rights. we have a severe lack of understanding of law and etymology of words. we are speaking our oppression into existence and maintaining it for them. james brown didn’t know he was fucking up when he was screaming “i’m black and i’m proud!!!”. pride is fine but it needs to be moorish pride because that is our ancestry. that is our pedigree. we think we’re from africa and we’re not……..not over 90% of us anyway. we think we know history but what we know is what they allow us to know under the false racial paradigm of distraction. they want us to think its about race and racism when it’s legal status. there are no people with white skin or black skin. like taj says people are not crayons. we have to stop participating unknowingly in their legalese games and then the republic can be reestablished where the treaties are enforced. there is a rogue fake government of rome in power right and has been since they assassinated lincoln. we’re barking up the racism tree and the tree we need is wardship dispelling. with no national claim and using their slave names we have no rights…period. they pretend we’re citizens to keep us docile but we obviously are NOT!!! because if we were they could not slaughter us everyday and almost always be acquitted for it. we think moorish means a fez and converting to islam but it doesn’t. i’m a moor. you’re a moor. i don’t wear no fez and i sure as hell ain’t converting to a religion even though islam reallt is just another branch of the original christianity out of kemet. the people don’t know the facts or how to use language properly and for that lack of knowledge the people perish. every day i see moors calling themselves black and then arguing over some fine and unimportant issue all trying to be “white” to get respect for whatever they believe. they cannot separate facts from the emotions attached to them and then beliefs lead them astray. all i can hope for is that the ascending planetary energies will snap our people out of their insecurities so that they can see clearly here what is really going on. some are waking up to the massive global fraud against the indigenous but not enough at this point. they still want a job paying taxes aka tithes to rome so they can continue to finance global child sex trafficking which is not only molestation of our children but also cannibalization. ase.

    • I second this, “they work with reality of the law.”, just taking a closer look at the events of the past century, tells you that America became the head of the snake and the kingdom of the international predators. The supremacist oligarchy abused the law and their ‘minority group’ privileges to engage in crimes against humanity with impunity. When judge Janice Rogers-Brown, a Black woman, natural born American citizen made the case Jewish senators Chuck Schumer and Obama led the lynchmob to persecute her as an out of the mainstream right wing extremist.

  5. yup. they know mind control tactics and techniques very well from edward bernays. one of the great grand children of bernays is one of the pricks that founded netflix. now come on…..haha…..they don’t try to hide too much these days. they have gotten bold as hell. if they don’t tell you outright then the jews put it in their stupid movies in some way. it’s all garbage because it’s no longer meant to entertain but rather enter-train. most of our people have gotten comfortable and assimilated not realizing our genocide is continuing on a daily basis. the revolution will never be televised. ase.

    • The father of American propaganda who inspired Goebbels. Edward Bernay’s called his work psychological warfare but the predators call it public relations….America’s has been under the spell after dethroning the slave-master by abolshing slavery. I thought that Black American’s would be onto of the issue, but instead they willingly became slaves on the Jewish slave plantation again by embrassing the Marxist, Bolshevik communist Jewish tribalism. A matter a fact, the whole world is under the spell…..because people believe the falsehood and prepostorous claims of god chosenness. The genocide is official American Jewish supremacy policy, White and non-White people are targetted.

      • facts!!! the jews are the masters of their gentile sheep. they are forced to obey like clones because of their love for that jewish fiat crap they call money even though its just a legal voucher. only metals and land are real money. ase!!!

      • The printed paper sustained by genocide and plunder of natural resources. Take Africa, it is called poor, people are starving but Jews plunder the natural resources and become billionaires. The story of Dan Gertler is just one example. Former Dutch government employee became a billionaire plundering the Congo, but people still talk about Leopold of Belgium who is no longer among the living. From the corrupt Jewish controlled federal agencies….”Today, the Department of the Treasury, in consultation with the Department of State, revoked the license that was issued to Specially Designated National Dan Gertler on January 15, 2021. The license previously granted to Mr. Gertler is inconsistent with America’s strong foreign policy interests in combatting corruption around the world, specifically including U.S. efforts to counter corruption and promote stability in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). America is one corrupt cesspool and its foreign policy interest in genocide and plundering the natural resources of non-western countries, but they are combatting corruption and giving Jews the license to plunder non-western countries with impunity. America is the head of the snake and kingdom of the Jewish Zionist supremacist predators.

  6. the jew is not what it appears to be. they are cosmic parasites with avatar humanoid bodies just like the movie Avatar. this is why they have so many diseases that other so-called races do not have like tay sachs. they exist nonlocally to this realm just like us but the jew and his hybrid slaves have no souls. hence they must steal energy from everyone else..especially the melanated people. they are merely taking advantage of our endless supply of energy. we normally exist in the realms above them where they cannot bother us and from where we could destroy them all easily. they know their numbers are small so they use mind control to conquer the idiot masses through media, religion, porn, miseducation, chemicals, fear and materialism. this is why people say they have hook noses because they parasite like a hookworm. the rising tide of ascension energy as move further into the age of aquarius is laying bare all of their corruption and outright savagery. the caucasian clones and other hybrid races are just doing the bidding of the jews for fiat kickbacks. without a soul you cannot possibly have any moral compass. i believe we have to fight fire with fire when it comes to these beasts though. the psychopaths clearly have this physical realm on lockdown so we should attack from where we have an advantage and that is from the spiritual realm. they have no defense to those attacks from us and so that is what i do. it do rituals to kill them off the planet a few times a week. we may not see an immediate effect but it is having an impact because everything that the original do has an impact. we are far more powerful than we realize and our powers will continue to come online. this is why you see the jew making so many superhero aka superHERU movies. they want us to think they are the ones with the superpowers. how the hell could superman be a caucasian and he absorbs energy from the sun?!?!?! only a melanated man could do that!!!! it’s all just silly and an obvious desperate attempt to delay their impending demise.

    i hadn’t heard of that gertler kike so i looked him up. he looks like a real scumbag like rahm emanual and many others from the tribe. they have had their way with the congo for so long. who even knows what they have been doing with all the gold. most of the stuff they sell is fake pyrite or fool’s good. some say they are selling it to off world entities. i don’t know. we just need to maintain a high vibration and everything will happen the way it should. they have already lost in the higher realms and so here it must unfold over time due to the limitations of the 3rd dimension.

    gertler seems to have lost his status ever since the biden fake inauguration.


    the reps and dems always fight with each other over control of our resources so this is to be expected. he will figure a way to get the resources either way because the jews have a special status amongst the dumb ass hybrid gentiles. i often wonder why they obey the jew without exception. all i could figure is that they are clones and they are engineered to follow orders. they fully believe in that holohoax nonsense and the “whites” are terrified of something like that actually happening to them even though it never really happened to the jew. the only real genocide is the ongoing unam sanctum and doctrine of discovery operations of rome against the indigenous peoples of the planet that are all moors regardless of whether they wear a fez or practice islams. moor is pedigree. it’s not what you do. it’s what you already are.

    the beasthood is collapsing but it can never happen fast enough for me. i’m fairly psychic so with most of my planets in pisces and aquarius so i’ll tell you what i see. nothing past 2030. now that may mean people like us having moved on to higher realms or it may mean the extinction of the hybrids or something else. i get more clarity as the dates get closer because that is how the quantum realm works. also i see something huge in 2023. it could be planetary disasters, complete collapse of dollar, another major false flag or something else but the numbers don’t lie when they repeat over and over in your life. stay focused and positive. they have won many battles but the war will be ours. ASE!!!!!!

    • The corrupt house of cards is coming down and they are gasping for air to hold on because White people are coming out of the Bolshevik communist coma. That’s why they now use Black faces like the one they now put at the Pentagon to continue their to dictatorial war and plundering agenda. The world is waking up to the parasitical scam and Germany is leading the charge to address their post-WWII crimes against humanity with impunity. Without the corrupt monetary system and America’s war machine they are nothing, niente, nada…they are mighty but not almighty.

  7. just remember whenever you hear anything about race it’s really all about wardship status. so-called black people refuse to stop emotionally reacting to everything the hybrids do but we must fix the actual issue which is a legal one…even though we are dealing with lawless creatures. they cannot override natural and cosmic law because it supersedes their stupid statutory nonsense. we must make a claim to the land and give them back their slave names. render unto caesar what is caesar’s and dispel the wardship. this video tells you how to do it.

    the main problem is most of us are under their gospel or go spell. the words have us confused and reacting wrongly. in the beginning was the word and the word was with god and the word was god. we are gods but they are using the words against us. ASE!!!!!

    • The -isms are used to divide and conquer and I am not playing the game.

      • no doubt. the masses just don’t get it and never will. they are brainwashed and caught up in their stupid emotions. they cannot think critically or rationally because they have never been taught. they don’t even know that race is a false social construct. the proper term is species. we are the original species. they are a hybrid species with animal dna. i’m sure the manimal crackers don’t want to know what they really are but you can tell from how they act and what they do that they have animal dna. ase.

    • Great share, he breaks it down words of having meaning, the all liberal progressive culture is killing the brain. They convinced Black American’s civil rights was about liberation while in fact they brought them back to the plantation, one century after slavery was abolished. America was founded as a Constitutional Republic and the Bolshevik communist turned it into a democracy. Prior to WWI all European countries were Republics but America’s war turned them into Marxist Bolshevik communist controlled democracies. The US corporation is a human trafficking corporation….slavery under a new formula. Judge Janice Rogers-Brown made the case and she was persecuted by the very same Jews who constantly cry victims of others.

      • when i hear bolshevik i think jew. haha…good stuff. ase.

      • Woodrow Wilson effectively sold America to the international Bolshevik communist with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

        In a Whiter Shade of Pale: http://ejournalofpoliticalscience.org/janicerogersbrown.html
        Judge Janice Rogers-Brown made how collectivism, Marxism (tribalism, Judaism) concentrated all the wealth in the hands of an oligarchy. Liberal progressive Democrats, including the so-called ‘Black’ Christian and political leadership persecuted her for telling it like it is. Chuck Schumer, Jewish senator from New York specifically said she was not Worthy of being on the bench, https://humanevents.com/2003/10/31/shameless-chuck-schumer-leads-lynch-mob-against-janice-brown/

        Taj Tarik Bey in 2015 giving people the genesis of the deplorable conditions in America too. https://youtu.be/yDgSz1gPptg

        He also brilliantly addressed the American the corporation and the abuse of law that the propaganda machine makes people believe is legal https://www.federaljack.com/slavery-by-consent-the-united-states-corporation/

        Every man, woman and child regardless of their race, color or creed became property of the State what he calls wardship, property of the private Federal Reserve. I found some interesting articles on his website….he gave me some great pointers for my international law studies. Thanks for the introduction

      • it’s all about getting the truth out there to the people who have the ears to hear it. we are in the vast minority but the ascension energy is waking up more people slowly. we will never get everyone awakened so that’s an impossible goal we shouldn’t even try for. 90% are just gone forever. good riddance to them. the brainwashed are more of an enemy than the actual enemy. the elite depletes weaponize their brainwashed masses against the truthers like us. i stay away from any and everyone who is not awake…..so-called family included. to be honest……fuck ’em. they’re not my spiritual family anyway. let em drown on their jesus juice. smh……take care.

      • MalcolmX Speaks

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