Jews Have Been Cannibalizing For Centuries

March 15, 2021

This book is out of print but I got a copy before the Jews bought them all up, banned it on Amazon and silenced the Jewish author Ariel Toaff that dropped dime on them. They always kill their own when they start telling the truth. It’s 500 pages of the sick ass shit they do to non-Jewish people…..AND THEY’RE STILL DOING IT RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You will have to share some of the stuff from this book! Ase´

  2. Ok you know it’s plenty disgusting and the jews always deny they’re doing it while melanated females and their children keep disappearing all over the country and world. was that story true last year or before about 60,000 moorish females missing in chicago? i know they always try to act like south Chicago is a gang war zone but they always put shit in the water like manganese to make those people extra violent. some of them are just clones too. just wondering since you live there now. ASE!!!!!!!!

  3. You asked me about Chicago before but I forgot to answer. So here you go …

    Right, there are a lot of women and children missing here but I don’t know the numbers.

    Right, there is some poison in the water probably manganese, mercury, lead and fluoride. People are always spitting on the ground (a very nasty habit) like they have some kind of poison they are always trying to get rid of.

    I am not sure about clones but a lot of the original people have compromised pineal glands, so they are cut off from the source. People get violent for the dumbest stuff, like traffic. They are always talking about “respect” and respect would not come from a stranger.

    There were really two cities, within the city. In the recent past, there were housing projects and “project residents” were separated from the rest of the city. The projects were torn down and the “former project residents” were given housing vouchers and scattered into rental housing on the south and west sides of town. This dispersion brought all kinds of crime to the more stable neighborhoods.

    The media will not really say how much of the crime is on the north side and downtown because the cave beasts are concerned about their property values. When the media tells the story, the crime is only on the south side and west side of town. But the crime is really all over the city.

    I have never been robbed yet, but there are a lot of areas that I just stay away from. They are carjacking people all over the place. So I stopped carrying a purse years ago. I figure that I can replace a phone or car pretty quickly if I have to. But I don’t want my identity stolen. So my wallet is always hidden.

    I am trying to get my mom to relocate to the burbs with me so that I can stay out of the city. This video of Chicago is pretty accurate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ot7xCM-Oeig&t=3s


    • just got a jewtube strike for telling the truth about kill bill gates of hell. haha…you can’t tell no truth no more on the jew platforms. they hate the truth like a mutha fucka. it kills them!!! and they know about the portals that are opening all over the planet from this jewvie.


  4. damn!!! you can definitely tell they are experimenting on us like they do everywhere but it’s heavy in chicago. you are protected by the ancestors like me so you should be fine. i don’t think i’ll be visiting though. haha…..they don’t even fake the funk when they talk about chicago though. they always make mexico seem like it’s all drug cartels and nothing else but it’s way better there than it is here. they just don’t want to lose those taxpayers. im so glad this government is collapsing. all i have is a bug out bag and a full tank of gas. i think pure chaos is coming based on the programming. the average person is just dead in the fucking head. talking to them is just like watching tv. they are a bunch of mental parrots trying to be something they’re not because they either hate who they are or don’t know who they are. i gotta move my ass overseas for real. i still keep seeing 23 everywhere. driving me crazy man!!!!!!

  5. I want to leave here too. But I am thinking that we will be released very soon.

    They are taking down everyone jootube channel now. It shows their desperation 😂 Asé

    • dont leave without me sis!!!! ASE!!!!

    • are you seeing things in your peripheral vision recently that when you turn to look the shit aint there??? i am!!!! i hope its portals. im hopping my ass in there if they start fully opening. so tired of this dumb ass money job and taxes roman bullshit. ASE!!!!

  6. Yes! the portals are here. I have even taken a photo.

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