Biden is in Hiding!!!!!!

March 16, 2021

Maybe Kamala done offed him already or maybe he really did take the Covid “vaccine”.

Get this fool a 3pm blue plate special and some shuffleboard!!!!! haha……

This walking talking fossil done fell of the planet with his Alzheimer’s having ass. He’s not the president!!!!! The whole election was a ritual sham like it always is to get Moors (who calls themselves blacks and African Americans) to participate in their own demise by voting aka vowing to uphold the very system that has us enslaved. Trump is still president!!!!!!! Will he restore the republic? If he doesn’t they’re all going to die. The Universe has had enough of their lies and deceit. It’s do or die for the hybrids at this point. In my personal opinion they would always rather choose to die. So mote it be!!!!!


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