“Black” Music Is ALL HOOD SHIT now

March 16, 2021


  1. I have been off-line dealing with my mom’s medical issues. These females need to be slapped! Asé

  2. Oh man I know that’s tiring to deal with but i know you love her. my mom gets excellent in home care but it’s pricey. she wants me to visit more but i’m just not feeling it. she likes to fight all the time because she got those devil energies on her from loving white jesus. text and email gonna have to do for us. she ain’t my spiritual family anyway. you are!!!!!!!

    plus every time i have a nightmare it’s her ass in there giving me hell for some dumb shit. this morning i had a real bad one!!!!! freaked my ass out sis!!! i had to cleanse the room and shower to get that shit off me. she turned into this red and black devil with brown and black eyes. she just kept coming after me and i kept trying to shut her ass up but she was determined to have a fight like she always does. i don’t even think it’s symbolic. that shit was literal. my dad was just sitting there and wouldn’t do a goddamn thing as usual. i’m so glad i ended all the religion from this so-called family. it’s dead and it ain’t neva coming back to life just like their phony fake ass faggot maggot jesus. hahaha……ASE!!!!!!!!!

  3. you know that those hoes like to get slapped. i would tie them up and make them watch little house on the prairie for 24 hours straight. now that would be torture for hoes!!!! megan thee tranny and bacardi cardi b!!!!!! yuck….at least cardi b half way attractive but they really think they have some great talent. it blows my mind. they don’t even have beyonce talent and beyonce a half ass too. hahaha……why does god even bother making people like that?!?!? maybe they all clones. i wouldn’t doubt it. they definitely got the mark of the beast like nuben be sayin. ASE!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Your mom probably has some type of attachment entity. I know a lot of jesus lovers that have these attachments. I can almost see them around the shoulder of the person. It is some kind of low vibrational entity that causes problems. It’s a shame because the entity takes over and it gets stronger when the person gives away their own power through worship, praise or fear (i.e., god-fearing, jesus-loving, etc).

    When you are eu-melanated and don’t give your power away, if you get out in the sun, then you will build up so much energy that low vibrational entities are unable to attach to you. People with these attachments will have reactions to your presence. The real person inside will want to be around you. But the attachment will want to attack you and not want you around.

    In the Florida sun, you have probably built up so much energy that whenever you get close to a person with attachments, those entities will want you to get away. Those entities are probably trying to push you away from your mom so that you won’t visit 😩 They will be very uncomfortable with your presence. Ase´

  5. BOOM!!!!!!! i knew you would get it. there used to be a sliver of me that wanted to try to “fix” her but that boat done sailed like hell. I don’t want to be around her at all because it’s just a pitiful sight to see our people stuck like that…even though they not really our people no more on that level. ASE!!!!!!!

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