What An Old “White” Lady Said About Covid “Vaccine”

March 16, 2021


  1. This evening a close friend told me that she scheduled to get the vaccine. She thought I would react, but I already knew she would break down and get it. WTH? When all these friends and family members start getting ill, I hope they stay away from me. AseĢ

  2. i know that’s right. nobody really knows what’s in it. they tell us they put this and that in there but a liar is always a goddamn liar. anything you have to take over and over ain’t no vaccine…period. i don’t ever trust them….especially after getting caught giving us syphilis at tuskeegee. damn people got short ass memories. i was talking to this pink couple on monday and they both are getting it. pinkazoids are stupid. the government and rome hates their mongrel asses just as much or more than they hate us!!!!! well less crackas to deal with as far as i’m concerned!!!! you know whatever they are giving crackas is not the same as what they are giving us too!!!! never trust them. damn devil avatars……..

    I stay away from everyone unless they conscious. i know they be mad at me but tough shit. get yo ass conscious and i’ll fuck with you!!! duh……..

    i was thinking about the zombie shit though. the people are already dead ass zombies. i guess they want to take it a step further and make them literally dead. it’s always about money and power. once they dead i hope they stay dead though. i don’t want to have to deal with no reanimation like those fuckers on the walking dead TV show where they have to die twice to get rid of them. i only have three boxes of bullets and a .38 but i got a machete and a sword too so i can chop their asses up!!! ASE!!!!!!!!

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