Zombie Apocalypse Coming From Covid Nanotech DNA reprogramming

March 16, 2021

Now you know why there are so many zombie jewvies and shows on tell-lie-vision.

The CDC even developed a zombie preparedness emergency plan. See for yourself.



  1. I really like listening to Dr Alim. I don’t like the religious part but the science is real. I first heard him back in March 2020 on the Carl Nelson Show (out of DC). He has been telling the truth about covid for a while. My eyes were opened when he talked about Dr Lieber from Harvard who was arrested in January 2020 because of his lab in Wuhan. Dr Alim knows all the cast of characters including Fauci from the aids epidemic.

  2. Don’t think i ever heard of him before that. I heard of Alim Bey but that’s somebody different. Neely Fuller goes on the Carl Nelson shows sometimes but I stopped listening because the Code just does not eliminate racism. I had a copy and trashed it. It’s good for dealing with racism but you cannot eliminate racism until you understand race is not real and it’s a distraction from wardship status. Dr Fuller lives in DC too. He’s like 91 years old right now so I don’t want to give him grief about it. He’s an elder and he grew up in a different time so he really thinks that caucasians are white and that moors are black people. it’s like our damn eyes don’t even work but maybe that’s why all the old movies were in black and white?!?!?! That race paradigm gets drilled into our heads from birth so everyone pretends it’s real when it’s not. i just need to change my name and proclaim my nationality status…but you know Pisces can be lazy at times. haha…..it probably won’t help right now with Rome still running the show behind the scenes but once they get rid of them and re-establish the republic it might do something good…plus I created a special name using numerology that should be very powerful for me once it’s registered and official. most people don’t want to give up that slave last name but i don’t want that thing!!!! thompson…….ugh…….. i wouldn’t tell my mother i did it though!!!! hell no!!!!! ASE!!!!!!!!

  3. I will listen to Neely Fuller sometimes, last time he gave me a headache because there are no real solutions with him. I get it. AseĢ

  4. ROFL!!!!!! the same ppl call in week after damn week with the same stupid ass questions. it’s this simple:

    1) buy the damn book
    2) read the damn book
    3) do the damn book

    but it still don’t solve racism because racism is a distraction and only a real issue to ppl who don’t understand wardship due to mislabeling of status and failure to claim nationality. the real kkk wears 3 piece suits!!!! the rednecks are another distraction. ASE!!!!!!

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