The Jewstice League Review

March 21, 2021


  1. You are so right. Nobody remembers anything. The attention span is like 1 or 2 years. I was just asking someone do they remember when nobody liked Kaepernick before he wore an afro or braids or took a knee? Here in Illinois, I was like remember when no one liked Obama and they had to create a fake scandal with the opposing candidate to get him in the senate? People look at me like I am the crazy one. I think people are watching too much tv programming. The new programming overrides the old programming.

    Also, those joos love castrating the original man. I was watching the Aretha genius story this evening and Progressive has another commercial out with the “motaur”. AseĢ

  2. yup it’s just their normal mind control. everything is BREAKING NEWS so in your mind you think it’s more important than it is and thereby overwriting what they said was BREAKING yesterday. time travel is mind control. you keep the people in your phony present and they cannot use knowledge of the past to figure out a better future. ppl just be stuck on their cell aka prison phones all day and then get home and binge on netflix. haha…….they get mad at you when you point it out because they want you to join the herd too!!!!

    i think i had seen motaur aka motor minotaur before but i just thought it was strange. all those progressive commercials are strange. i complained about the shit to them a few years ago because i hated that loud mouth pale skin bitch they use. anyway just like cyborg in jewstice league they want us to merge with machines aka transhumanism so they don’t have to worry about our melanin activating our 12 strand DNA. then they hope they can maintain control of us through their lame ass tech like virtual reality.

    once our DNA begins to activate on that higher level you only gonna need a handful of melanoids to kill every hybrid on the planet. hahaha……..that’s how powerful it is…plus the planet itself is changing and all of these soulless ones won’t be able to live in the environment much longer. they will all have to stay inside or take their funk asses underground like most of the “elite” have already done. they know what time it is but those underground bunkers are just going to become their graves and tombs……just like that tomb the pink bitch calls a womb. yuck…….ASE!!!!!!!!

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