Why They Don’t Want Us Smoking Marijuana

March 24, 2021



  1. We should all be able to grow our own marijuana. Then we could make sure that it isn’t laced with anything. Legalizing it should allow you to grow your own.

  2. If you are old school, you are like “where are the seeds”. LOL

    • mannn…ill grow anything das natural. i dont even care what it is. i got plants and tree seeds growing all the time and dont even know what the hell they are until they start blooming. hahaha….ASE!!!

  3. and of course it’s only legal in states with mostly pinkazoids since we have no rights and they use it to get us into the prison system. i got suspended on FB again for saying manimal crackas and jewtube for telling the truth about covid. haha…..im just moving everything to other platforms. at least they can’t shut down my blog and podcast. damn devils. they are so sensitive about everything but they know it’s true. we ain’t nothing like you!!!!!!!!!! ASE!!!!!!!!

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