Lord Enki Has Returned!!!!!

March 27, 2021


  1. I have not seen Bret Carr in a while (with all that smacking, LOL) Thanks!

  2. yeah he been on hiatus…probably woman related. haha…… at least jewtube didn’t cancel his channel……..yet that is. ase.

  3. Do you think Enqi has been busy at the s u e z? 😳 I’m like you all are so smart but you can’t move a shipping container? WTH? Asé

  4. i did a podcast about them today but i haven’t uploaded it yet. i think the old gods have returned and completely surrounded all militaries all over the planet and they cannot move a damn inch right now. it’s like a staring game right now like they are waiting to see what the hybrids will try. what the hell for? they have the superior tech and powers. blast these damn hybrids off the planet and take the coons with ’em!!!! i’ll press the button my damn self!!! ASE!!!!!

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