The “Black” Race Is Out Of Melanin Energy

March 27, 2021


  1. Just curious, what in particular has Dr. Valentine done or NOT done where he’s not conscious anymore from your perspective?

  2. i just think he’s overcharging for his services plus i heard him promoting his son being on a TV show. now he knows all that jewish nonsense is bad for whoever gets involved with that. i just feel like his wife is pushing him to make more and more money for things that they may not even need. he stays an hour from me in deland fl. i heard him saying he was trying to get money to spray his house with lead as a shield from the 5G radiation or something and he needed 10,000 for that. it’s just before he was all about the metaphysics and now he has a lot of mundane concerns that distract from the knowledge. i could be wrong. just a feeling i got. ase!!!!!!

    • Ok. I beginning to think that the longer you be around this place the more mundane you become. Like it may better to transition when you’re at your peak consciously and with self-realization. It’s possible that Valentine may have lived beyond his peak.

      • I’m remember Valentine promoting bitcoin a couple of years ago too so…I don’t blame him for getting caught in the religion of “survival”. That’s what humanity as a whole been deduced to, or more likely, that’s humanity’s true nature, just overexploited by modern-day society.

      • yeah he said bitcoin was all good at first and then he flipped and called it a scam. make up your mind. i think he got scammed and lost some fiat so you know the wife was not happy. oh well….we all have our crosses to bear. haha….ase.

  3. yeah he himself said he was bored shitless because he thought the ascension times were here and that was 20 years ago. people think that makes their predictions inaccurate. no they just came early to give us time to prepare. i think he got so bored that he gave in to a normal family life because what else was there???? he still does research and everything but i can tell the life has been drained out of him. he got tired of that ridiculous assertion that he was white. he got tired of doing 6 hr lectures and his people not tipping a damn dime. i can understand that part. hell bobby was broke the whole time too except for a little while. i’m broke as hell and doing an interview tomorrow am for a slave job. when our own people won’t pay for our services it doesn’t leave us much choice sometimes. hopefully something will happen to avert this ensuing disaster. i hate that i ever worked for a corpse-oration but my parents raised me to believe that was the pinnacle. idiots……ASE!!!!!!!!!

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