Oshun in the Flesh!!!!

March 31, 2021

Damn I just realized this was the airhead Beyonce. Oh well it’s still a nice pic of Oshun but Beyonce ain’t no damn Oshun!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Ahhh you knew who that was from the get go🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. haha…..i was setting up an oshun altar for some money and i didn’t have a statue so i searched for a picture of oshun and that was the best looking thing that came up. i was like damn this will do. i think deep down i knew it was her. later on i was like dis chick looks familiar but in a bad way……haha…..beyonce just a stripper from houston that got lucky. minimal talent from what i can tell except making black females worship her like she is some goddess when she’s basically an airhead. i got half my planets in aquarius and other other half in pisces and i always felt that jay-z and the jewish media moguls were going to sacrifice her ass to resurrect jay-z’s busted career. they always doing rituals on us……non stop 24/7. ASE!!!!!!

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