Is Kong Blacker??? Or A Cracker???

April 1, 2021

I can’t figure out if King Kong is supposed to be “black” or “white”. Of course Michael Jackson said it doesn’t matter. Idiot. I think they want us to see Kong as melanated when he is fighting and roaring since that is how they portray the “black” male as a violent gangsta. When he becomes gentle and uses his intelligence though I think they are portraying that as the “white” part of him. When you shave the fur off of any primate there is always white, demelanated skin. Fur is not skin and it sure as hell ain’t no hair like melanoids got. Hair curls up toward God. Fur falls flat to the ground. But make no mistake about it…WE ARE NOT FROM APES. THEY KNOW THEIR ASSES ARE THE MISSING LINK!!!!!!!\

Of course I couldn’t leave this out. Idiot…..but at least he is a true family man unlike Jordan.


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