Including the “Black” Woman To Exclude the “Black” Man

April 4, 2021

The Jew never lets up trying to destroy our families. They keep locking up “black” men and not hiring us or giving loans for businesses and yet they do anything to make sure the “black” woman is independent of us and dependent on them. This is why Oprah became famous. Her job was to further the divide between us and she is still doing it to this very day. She funds initiatives in Africa for only “black” females and nothing for “black” men.


And that’s why I so enjoy watching her bust her bloated ass!!!!!!!!!

This is gender role reversal and misandry and they have been doing it ever since Willie Lynch.


They are even trying to turn the next generation of “black” females into a bunch of programmers to help them create AI programs to further control and restrict us using automation. Once again no support for the “black” male. Notice the emphasis on black. They don’t want us to realize that we are all Moors so they would have to enforce the treaties under an American republic. Then they call the young women girls. Girls don’t code shit. Neither do boys. They go outside and play.


And this “black” woman seems to think that money is the secret to “black” marriage. Love and money ain’t got shit to do with each other. Most people don’t even know what true love is. True love is based on a mental connection not an emotional one. And what they call money is just fiat legal vouchers and debt instruments from monetization of your birth certificate on the stock market to fund global child sex trafficking. Should this shit be titled “Black Women. Black Men. Black Love”? Everyone is omitting the “black” man. I’m not feeling left out. It’s just obvious as hell what they’re doing.

When we choose fiat currency (that ain’t even real money) over family we all lose. We are helping the devil to defeat us from our love of fake money jew paper debt instruments while they steal the rela money which is precious metals. There is a reason they say the root of all evil is the love of money. It just happens to be fiat pretending to be money.


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