Black Black Blackety Black!!!!!!

April 6, 2021


  1. When we go out in the sun, we see how metallic we really are – gold, copper, bronze. I notice how the pink skins females do all this metallic highlighting with the makeup. They are trying to look like us, again.

  2. you should see one of them in the morning when they first wake up. i still have nightmares. skin looks bad and fur everywhere. they are damn succubi….sucking the melanin energy out of you!!!! they know how to control the pink male and get him to do all of their dirty work. they are behind all of the racism in reality even though it’s all a cover for wardship status because we refuse to stop calling ourselves black and african american. we need to understand how stupid pinkazoids really are. the jew is clever and crafty but the average pinkazoid is dumb as hell. nuben was talking about how they always steal the smart melanated children and make sure they get groomed to serve “whiteness” with brilliant ideas they can steal or buy for cheap. they did the same with me and my stupid ass parents didn’t know any better. they didn’t count on my ass waking up so they can kiss by brown ass now. they even gave me a full scholarship to duke university. i turned it down and went to nc state instead. i hated all of that shit. when i work on the job i make sure i don’t give them any of my great ideas and i never give them 100%. my melanin energy is for me and my people. i ain’t making their greedy asses rich with my genius. their shit failed on me but it works on most of our prodigy children. i already did a podcast on that one how parents pimp their children out because they want to be rich themselves. sickening….ASE!!!!!!!!

  3. Right, when they see one of our children with a high iq, they want to get that child working for their interests.

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