They Do Things Like This Just To Piss Us Off

April 8, 2021

Because we know that Biden should be doing things for us even though he is only praetor and not the president. He would be forced to obey the Constitution if the republic were restored to enforce the treaties and if the Moors would change their slave name, claim nationality of American and stop calling themselves blacks and African Americans. Everything is a ritual done by the elite on us because their greatest fears are coming to reality as more aka Moor of us wake up. They can’t stop it. All they can do is frustrate us, distract us and scare us with more and more desperate acts and blood sacrifice rituals. They are cornered animals right now. Just keep your vibration high so you avoid the drama and it avoids you as well.



  1. Right, I am not even watching any of that theatre trial. I am keeping my energy up! Asé

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