Review of Roman J. Israel

April 9, 2021

I didn’t watch this jewvie when it came out in 2017 because I didn’t want to see something with Denzel looking like Erkel’s uncle. It turned out to be a decent film though because Denzel has such acting talent he can carry a movie by himself….no crackas required.

This is supposedly based on a true story but it’s nothing but more emasculation and stereotyping of the “black” male. First of all his name is Roman. Really? J must stand for Jew and then Israel (“is it really’s?) and Esquire…..below a knight but above a gentleman. Whatever……He dresses disheveled and rarely talks to people. He has zero love life and we never find out anything about his family really. He’s nervous and scared when females show an interest in him. He has a bad temper and says insulting things that ruin plea deals. He is attacked by two “black” feminists who complain because he asks two males to give up their seats to the females as gentlemen.

Near the end of the jewvie he actually violates his BAR (british accreditation registry and not what they tell you) oath and collects a reward using an inside tip from the murder case he was working for an innocent “black” male that got killed anyway for “ratting”. He collects $100,000 and then goes on spending spree like some dumb ass gangsta rapper. His boss goes off on him for representing clients when he is not authorized to do so and then a “white” mugger beats him up and robs him. He starts to feel guilty and gives back the rest of the money and then drafts his resignation from law. On his way back home he is killed by a hitman sent by the guy he had locked up for murder to get the reward. Finally in the end his boss Colin Farrell submits his legal case to the Justice Department on plea bargain reform. Osiris always has to die in the jewvies. You can’t really impersonate someone when they’re still alive.

Of course plea deals and all of the injustice system is completely illegal and immoral in the real world because it is a jew-diciary run by the Crown and the Vatican. You cannot reform a corrupt system from within. You destroy the system and you build a new one based upon sound values that are actually enforced instead of this tit for tat rampant corruption we have today because the hybrids are lawless and greedy as hell. They never mention the root of the problem not being racism but rather wardship status from the Moorish mislabels of black, African American, colored and Negro. That would be wayyyyyyyy too deep for them.


  1. Thank you. Now I don’t have to waist my time watching this🤷🏽‍♀️

  2. hahahaha………it was pretty good even with all the damn programming to devalue the “black” male. ase!!!!!!

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