Hegelian Dialectic = Problem, Reaction, Solution

April 14, 2021


  1. I thought the NOI was not promoting the vaccine to their followers, until this weekend. I received a neighborhood message that they were doing impromptu vaccines on Sunday, April 11th at a nearby mosque. And it was the 1 shot J & J vaccine. Crazy

    • only one shot needed to kill us just like a damn gun. at least you stand a chance with a bullet. they stopped j&j vaccines for now because all them crackas in ireland dropping dead. hahaha!!!!!! ASE!!!!

    • and the NOI got bought off. they straight up CIA now. thats the only reason they still alive. ASE!!!

      • I think like over 3000 people have gotten the blood clots with Pfizer or Moderna shot. But they paused the J&J shot because of a few people? They lie so much! Asé

      • yeah really. the irish are making such a stink about the j&j jab…..just like their damn fur stinks….hahaha…..ase.

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