Debt = Death = Lotteries = Fiat

April 17, 2021

Lotteries are to win debt notes. You are actually playing for death notes or in other words to die. It’s all Jewish blood sacrifice rituals. This is why people like Bill Gates give so much away (even though he still never pays taxes) because it’s all death and he doesn’t want it all on him. He wants to spread the death around just like Covid and that fake poison vaccine being used for global genocide. The paper money (it’s not really paper but a thread) is really a black magick talisman for redirecting melanin energy into the pursuits of the soulless ones. We charge it by being so obsessed by it and then they charge us when we buy something and they get our melanin energy. This is why it is called the flow of currency. Our melanin energy is flowing to them just like when we worship their fake god Jesus the recessive blue-eyed maggot faggot. Everything is a ritual.



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