Getting Out and Orange Is The New White

April 21, 2021


  1. Right! If you try to go about your day and ignore these beasts (like they don’t exist), they will have a damn fit. Any acknowledgement of these beasts must give them some energy. We have to stop giving them energy.

    That orange lighting is something. Our tones are gold, copper and bronze. They are always using lighting to imitate us. If you have the right metallic content in your skin, you can look at the skin under the sunlight and see how the skin glistens like metal. You can really see it in our babies and children too.

    • yeah as soon as they get tour aten-tion the melanin energy starts flowing to them like a low vs high voltage bcuz they have none to give back. thats why we are so powerful when we unite. unstoppable!!!! unbreakable!!!!

      i know we have iron in our bodies that makes us this rust color because it oxidizes in oxygen but i didnt know about the skin thing. you know imma try it sis.

      damn i was so tired today. imma take a spirit bath now to see if that helps. i think all the mars energy combined with the sun. i didnt even have no appetite. you know something major happened in the cosmos when this happens out of the blue. ase sis!!!!!


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