Solar Tsunami Heading To Earth 4/25

April 22, 2021

I don’t know if anyone else is tired today but damn!!!!!! My ass can barely move. I ain’t hung over or nothing. I think it’s all this solar radiation just overloading my system down here in Florida. This blast won’t arrive until Sunday 4/25 though. It’s so comical to me to see all these pinkazoids down here scared of Covid and scared of the Sun. They scared of everything. Why the hell move to a state where you are much more likely to get melanoma and die from it?!?!? They love the Sun but the Sun hates them!!!! Back to the caves beasts!!!!! Now you know the pinkazoids are supposed to be the slaves and we are supposed to be in charge of them. It’s so obvious. I shouldn’t be complaining though. Mother Nature is killing them off just like Covid and fake vaccine!!!!!! Thanks Bill Gates!!!! ASE!!!!

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