Four Ways To Get The Covaids

April 23, 2021

They basically did the same shit with HIV. Pronounce it as something dangerous without even isolating the virus because it doesn’t exist and not all viruses are harmful anyway just like bacteria. Then kill everyone with the treatment who is living in fear or is given a false positive diagnosis. It’s the exact same bullshit to sell a bunch of poison. It’s another genocide event except global this time. Anyway people think the only way to get poisoned is from getting the jab. WRONG!!!!!!!!! There are four ways you can get it.

  1. Get the jab.
  2. Get the swab PCR fake test that is purposely infected with it.
  3. Use those baby blue masks because of them have been infected with the poison.
  4. Be around people who got the jab but didn’t die right away.

See for yourself below about #4. They are weaponizing the zombies against us just like Negan did on Walking Dead. Just gotta keep your immune system in tip top shape. I had a bug yesterday but it only lasted a day because mine is so strong.



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