There Ain’t No Atomic Bombs….Everything Is A Lie!!!!!!

April 23, 2021

They got caught redhanded putting explosives on the buildings from behind. Why else would the damn camera still be standing?!?!?!? Think!!!!! ASE!!!!!!!!

On July 1, 1946, the Usa blew up the “atomic bomb” Able over the Bikini Atoll. The bomb tested had a power of 21 Kt, much more than the bomb on Hiroshima (15 Kt), where the city was ravaged for several kilometers.
So here, this explosion generated huge waves, as several large warships were seriously damaged and 5 were sunk.
* The beach should have been affected by these waves.
* The wind of more than 1000 km / h would have to sleep the palm trees.
* The cabin should have been volatilized.


Yet, 24 days later, on July 25, 1946, they photograph the explosion of the bomb Baker. This is not the explosion we will analyze, but the beach from which this photo was taken.
* The floating pontoon remained intact.
* The palm leaves are exactly in the same position.
* The straw huts also stayed exactly the same.

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