“Black” Captain America….HAHAHA……

April 24, 2021

This six part series was just comical. First of all they are wearing out Mackie like hell in everything. I gotta start double checking my Cracker Jack. His ass might be in there too!!!!!! He’s really just an average actor at best. Second we’re not black or African American. Those who identify as black or African American are wards of the state because that label is stateless with no nationality or sovereignty. We are still under the Spanish Inquisition, the Christian Black Codes of 1824 and the Doctrine of Discovery but the pink skins won’t tell you that straight forward. They are master deceivers. Third America is NOT the US corporation. Black Captain America doesn’t even make sense. You’re saying you’re a ward of the state with no rights who is preserving the land of America for the US Corporation. Huh?!?!?!?! And that outfit looks dumb as hell. It should be all black or green and red like the Moors. Even the “white” Captain America that got fired ended up getting a black outfit at the end.

One thing I noticed is that the hybrids all needed the super serum to be able to handle Mackie with his normal melanin. At least they got that right. The super serum is probably some concentrated form of melanin or melatonan. Of course when they hybrids take it they all got fucking crazy……..or crazier I should say. At the end I just turned it off or fast forwarded once the action was over because they went on like a 20 minute spiel moralizing over human rights and all this shit we know the government doesn’t really give a fuck about. Blah blah fucking blah………

They were trying to tell you that we are the Heru. We are the true HEROS!!!!!!!!!!!!

But we don’t need no goddamn physical technology to do it like they do!!!!!!!


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