Giving Gods A Bone……SMH……

April 24, 2021

This dude Chauvin will not serve one day in prison for anything. This charade and facade is just a show to placate the “black” masses so they can go off celebrating some fake victory. Our people are childish to the 9th degree. Chauvin, just like Amger Guyger was, will be whisked off into witness protection or something similar and given a new id and a new life. They can clone him and then just put the clone in prison. Our people are so naive, gullible and credulous from their excessive emotionality that it really sickens me. We have NO rights as stateless beings and wards of the state. With a descendible last name, instead of our slave name, and a declared nationality we can never have any rights that will be respected and honored. That means it’s perfectly legal for Chauvin to kill Floyd, which I don’t even believe happened. I’m not saying it’s moral. Of course it isn’t but since we don’t understand law and jurisprudence we don’t know why and how certain things happen. We refuse to study and learn. That will be our complete and total downfall…….ignoring study and watching Netflix instead. This whole thing is just the same distraction over and over and we keep feeding our melanin energy into it like a nuclear power plant. My people perish for a lack of knowledge and a lack of vision. Look at that smirk on Guyger’s face. She knows she ain’t serving a day for shit!!!!!!! ASE!!!!!

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