Neckties Are Symbols Of Lynching

April 27, 2021

And also why I never wear them. The neck is symbolized in Taurus which is all about family, money and speech. They took away our speech when they lynched us (a la George Floyd). It also destroyed the family and without family there was no way to make money back in the day. Why? Because Venus rules Taurus and Venus is the melanated wombman. The melanated woman is mater which means mother. Mater is also matter and matter is money. When that is destroyed your species has nothing it can do to survive.

They also would cut off the genitals which is Scorpio ruled by Mars which is Aries the God of War and if that wasn’t enough they would cut off our feet which is ruled by Pisces. Pisces is the spirit realm ruled by Jupiter the guru…the teacher. They wanted to ensure the lynched slave didn’t get reincarnated and come back to kill them and their family. They knew some black magick. It’s mostly reserved to the Dark Kabbalist Jews now but everything is still a ritual because the Jews own the media, education and religion. They always make sure they monopolize mind control because they don’t have numbers to defeat us in physical battle. ASE!!!!!!!!!

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