Rev. Dr. Ishakamusa Barashango (April 27, 1938 – January 14, 2004)

April 27, 2021



  1. I have this book. We have lost our minds over these holidays. Somebody still sent me an image of a pink demon and said Happy Easter. And they know I don’t celebrate that crap.

    • i know man. dont you hate that shit?!?! i really hate the ones that say be blessed. ugh!!!!! ase!!!!

    • worshipping their gods and their holy days too. smh….99% of us is just gone sis. they just in a coma they cant wake up from. im not trying anymore to wake them up. they have had plenty of time. they just flesh zombies for the beast now. ase!!!!

    • and he was one of my spirit fathers. my genetic dad was just a dumb ass leo seeking attention. loser.

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