Nick Coonin Gets His Mojew Back……SMH…….

May 4, 2021

Remember when Nick fucked up telling the truth with Griff and called out the hybrids for what they are????

Then remember when Nick had to kiss Jew ass or lose his show and all contracts and endorsements?!?!?!

Now look at him. He has a starring role in a jewvie MISFITS coonin like he always does and his talk show is on the way back. All you ever have to do is sell for soul. Now you can never ascend but you will have lots of Jew debt notes falsely called money.

Notice they list Nick’s ass last since he still on Jew probation. What a soulless coon……anything for that goddamn fiat. Exactly the type of nigga that would warn the Jewish massuh of a slave uprising ahead of time and get them all killed.


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