Dogecoin (pronounced doe-zh) Is Worthless (just like the hybrids)

May 12, 2021

The only reason Caucasians are so giddy about this shitcoin being promoted by Elon “Musky” the Smelly Huskie, is because it has a logo of a dog……one of their familiars and favorite relatives besides the primates. Doesn’t primate really say your primary mate? Of course it does…but it’s theirs not ours!!!!!!

You have to understand the enemy and then take advantage of their weaknesses. We know their weaknesses but we are not using them against them to make money and fiat the way we should be. They exploit us all the time. We should be exploiting them back because we are far better at it than they are with our eumelanin but we are stuck on that dumb ass piety and righteousness from white daddy Jesus and the cheek turning, pacifist tripe and stupidity of MLK.

Be ye wise as serpents. ASE!!!!!!!!!!!

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