The Lying Wolf Who Cried Goy!!!!!!!

May 13, 2021

This Jewish hybrid loser has told more lies to unsuspecting idiots than any person in the history of tell-lie-vision and he’s still going strong. How many more lies does he have in him? Not many. The Age of Aquarius is gonna stomp his ass out of existence. At least the name fits. He really does look like a wolf.

He’s 73 years old so why don’t they retire his decrepit ass to some remote rest home in Germany?

Exhibit A

Look at his birth date and numerology life path. He was born on the vernal equinox and Skull and Bones 322. His life path is Freemason master number 11 the master intuitive.

Exhibit B

Look at the north node conjunct Venus in Taurus and Uranus in Gemini , the Sun in Aries, Mercury debilitated in Pisces and the Moon in Leo conjunct Pluto, Saturn and Mars all retrograde!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS BEAST IS A NATURAL BORN LIAR!!!!!!! They use the magnetism of Sun in Aries to get people to watch. North node in Taurus makes you a liar by itself because Taurus is the throat. Uranus is Gemini is chaotic communication!!!!!!! aka……

The Moon in Leo is someone always wanting to be front and center getting attention and Mercury in Pisces is someone that uses speech to confuse and lie to you. If that wasn’t enough he has three malefics all retrograde, which makes them stronger because they’re closest to Earth at that time, all in Leo the sign of creativity and leadership. Obviously he’s not the one creating all the lies but he possesses the energy to make them believable to the stupid ass masses. They will NEVER retire him because he possess the astronumerological energy to keep the masses asleep. This is how they rule us and we better start using our ancient sciences against them the way they do us….except better!!!!!!!


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