China Bans Crypto Financial Payments

May 19, 2021

Bitcoin itself may end up going to zero since it is not a privacy coin meaning its transactions can be tracked. That means the IRS, the collection agency of the IMF, would be able to tax all of these capital gains and send that money to the Bank of England and the Vatican Bank. China knows the dollar is dead and the US Corporation is bankrupt pretending still be solvent. They are acting on knowledge and never belief the way we should always do as well. This fake government is out of gold and China has refused the dead dollar and T-bills so now this fake government has the goddamn nerve to give away our land as payment on the debt that they themselves created…..NOT US!!!!!! They can only do this because we are dead in law as black and African American so our estate is in probate. That means they can pick it apart and just dull it out to whoever needs it because we are still refusing to claim it and declare our indigenous nationality because we are incompetent in law and how the terms apply to us. This is all the Vatican from behind the scene working hand in hand with the Rothschild Jews of London who control the central banking scam that trades you on the stock market from birth using the all caps version of your name known as the strawman.

I would still say get in now while the prices are plummeting. It’s going to be a steal and everything will recover eventually….just not the dollar. Bitcoin is just on its last leg. Once it’s gone another currency will take over as the industry leader. The dollar is the lifeblood of the Caucasian race. Once it’s dead they’re all going to die too. They hate themselves so much from wanting to be us that they cannot continue to exist without their precious dead dollar. Everything is being revealed in this Age of Aquarius with much more to come. We are not taking over this planet again. We are watching it being destroyed and then we are getting the fuck out of here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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