Why Bill Gates Is Stealing Our Land

May 19, 2021
  1. He’s going to grow a bunch of shitty GMO food on it to keep our nutrient level low and separated from nature.
  2. He may used them as death camps for us and the hybrid Goyim if not enough people take the poison jab.
  3. China is being paid in land right now because the dollar is dead and we are out of gold so Kill Bill wanted to get some before China owns it all. They already own all of California and much of Texas as well. This land is becoming Chinerica real fast.

You can never really own land. You can use it while you’re alive and that’s all. Nobody can own Mother Earth. She is resource for everyone but the psycho hybrids never follow natural law. They create bullshit unnatural law and follow that right to their graves. ASE.

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