The Mooney Malcolm Ritual

May 27, 2021

We all know the joke that Paul Mooney made about Wayne Brady being liked by pink skins because he makes Bryan Gumbel look like Malcolm X. That was one link in this ritual. Another is that Paul Mooney was gay and they always tried to say Malcolm X was gay to taint his legacy. Of course Malcolm was born on 5/19 the same day that Mooney “died”. Mooney was a comedian so the implication is that Malcolm was some type of joke when he was anything but. Of course the name Mooney is a reference to the moon which is the mother and so now you have the energy of the mother and two “gay” males in some people’s minds. This is how the manipulate the mind using the techniques inherited from Edward Bernays.

Mooney also never held back about his disdain for Hollywood and the goddamn Jews or fake Jews or whatever those ugly beasts call themselves…..like it even matters. They’re all goddamn hybrids trying to be something they’re not. But the Jewish moguls are the ones running this Matrix that damage our people and keep us so stressed out most times. When you don’t control your mind they will make you go out of your goddamn mind. Best thing is to not even watch any of it unless you meditate every day which clears out the muck. ASE!!!!!!!!!!!

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