Think You’re Getting Your Pension or 401K??? Think Again….

May 28, 2021

The only reason they started the fake pandemic, plandemic, scamdemic is because the US Corporation went broke again back in 2018 and now they have looted all the pensions…including 401k. Remember the 2008 bailout under Obama where they stole half of everything. Now they stole the other half. You have to take your money out of these Jewish scams and learn to invest in crypto and buy precious metals like gold or silver. They will NEVER do what is right. They cannot even if they try. They are avatars of the wicked being that is ruling our world. They sent us to this prison when we fell but that wasn’t enough. They also had to take over this prison too!!!!!!!!! Take a look at the etymology of the word “pension” and you tell me if the Jews are going to pay you your pension.

pension (n.)

late 14c., pensioun, “payment for services,” especially “a regular reward or annual payment out of a will or benefice” (early 14c., in Anglo-Latin), from Old French pension “payment, rent” (13c.) and directly from Latin pensionem (nominative pensio) “a payment, installment, rent,” from past-participle stem of pendere “to hang, cause to hang; weigh; pay” (from PIE root *(s)pen- “to draw, stretch, spin”). For the financial sense of the Latin verb, see pound (n.1).

Meaning “regular payment to a person in consideration of past service” is from 1520s, hence “periodic payment made to a person retired from service on account of age or disability” (originally especially government pay to soldiers and sailors). Meaning “boarding house, boarding school” is attested from 1640s, from a sense in French based on the meaning “money paid for board,” and in English it is usually in reference to places in France or elsewhere on the Continent.

It won’t be there if you make it to retirement age fam!!!!


Why do you think all these CEOs are stepping down? Most of them are Jews. They knew the Covid hoax was coming just like they knew not to go to work on 9/11. They have looted everything already and know they are running to hide in their lavish underground bunkers because the Sun, and everything else, has gone completely outside of their predictive bullshit models. They are cowards cowering in fear.

They already looted us many times, including the Great Depression and in 2008 as a test when they crashed everything with derivatives and then blamed it all on “blacks” buying house too expensive for their budgets. They are the ones in underwriting that approved all those loans…..NOT US!!! That’s why I cashed my 401k out, paid off “debt” and bought crypto and silver with the rest. I know it’s scary because nobody wants to be penniless but don’t get played. Always possess the balance of Ma’at and it will sustain you through. I am nothing without all of you!!!!

Your accounts will still say fiat is in there for now but it may or may not be depending on how they have it all programmed to fuck us over with AI. I cannot lie to you. They can. In fact it’s all they ever do. Believe nothing. Research and meditate on everything!!!!!!! It’s almost over!!!!!!!!


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