The Titan Rituals of Hollywood (and now China!!!)

May 30, 2021


These are all rituals designed to keep us asleep because the subconscious mind still remembers who we really are. They want to keep us sunk into the sunken place. There probably was never a Titanic that sunk and killed a bunch of hybrids. Everything is a ritual…….and lies.

Hollywood Jews know this history of course and take full advantage by using actors like Denzel to drill these images and metaphors deep into the subconscious to prevent our awakening.

And now since China basically owns the entire world on electronic paper, including America, they want a piece of the Titan energy too….at least the part that keeps us asleep so they can parasite off us as well. They are making a replica of the Titanic below. Now why the hell would they give a shit about that ship sinking?!?!?! It ain’t got shit to do with them but it has everything to do with us!!!!!!!! The hybrids are all just parasites of melanin energy.



  1. Thanks for making that connect ion manπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏ

    • Dere it is man!!!! Dey know who we are. Now dat we know who we are too its all over fa dem. ASE!!!

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