Keepin’ Da Kundalini Simple…..

June 1, 2021

Every melanated person on this planet or at least in this stolen land of America, unless you are disabled, can at least do these two things every single damn day to awaken your melanin. I ain’t even harpin’ on diet and shit because I know people gonna eat dog shit all day and night long because it taste good and you don’t give a fuck. I ain’t gonna harp on meditation or sleep deprivation either. All we need right now is that fire + water = firewater!!!!!!

The Sun is fire and the Moon is water. When you combine these two right now between the lunar eclipse that was on 5/26 and the solar eclipse coming up on 6/10 you are contributing to the destruction of the Matrix and the removal of these hybrids from our planet through collective kundalini rising!!!!!!! Drink a gallon a day if you can, preferably distilled, but definitely NOT from the tap and get at least 30 minutes of sunlight each and every day. Even if it’s cloudy the Sun’s energy is still coming through. You can feel it. ASE.

DO IT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. That is the best advice! I knew why they were telling us to stay away from the sun but recently I was wondering why they tell you to stay away from distilled water.

    • They sure do. I saw it on jewtube just now. Hahaha….

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