Why Females Like Gay Male Friends

June 6, 2021

In other words they drain these dumb asses for their active magnetism leaving them even weaker than they already were. The females are aware that this is happening but they are not prepared to admit or verbalize it in any way whatsoever. Most people are animals always feeding on each other’s energies in some way. With true love though there is no parasitism of any sort and both partners and magnified and never diminished. ASE.


  1. Wow. I have seen this when boys are taken to church by their mothers and are forced to hang out with a bunch of women at church. By the time the boy grows up, you cannot tell if he is straight to not. Straight men will not hang out with a bunch of women and I understand why.

    • Facts!!!! The men are being drained by proximity and not getting any energy back physically. Its a lose lose for us. I only hang around one female at a time and if she ain’t into me I make sure I limit the time unless they conscious like you!!! It sounds sexist in a way but thats how the energy moves because the males all come from females despite that stupid Adam rib bullshit. Gay males are already gay so they don’t have much masculine energy to lose!!! This is in Science of Love too.. ASE!!!!

    • my ass is out of polarity balance too to be honest but i just can’t get with these females that have a bunch of bad energy on them from all the scum they done had sex with. they don’t understand that those energies basically stay with the female forever through absorption and drive them crazy over time as they accumulate. of course i was a whore when i was in my 30s so maybe i got some too because the hoochies carry that bad energy on them all the time. it’s easier for males to shed it though. ugh……ASE!!!!!

  2. Hehehehe… The Science of Love, great book👍🏿😌😌

    • Yup I’m half done haha…

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