Marky Jew Mark Is INFINITE!?!?!?!? Hahaha…….

June 11, 2021

Give me a break with these hybrid fantasies. So now they can reincarnate, remember their previous lives and retain superpowers?!?!?! That sounds very familiar to me…….OH YEAH BECAUSE THAT’S US!!!!!!!! I’m not even convinced that they live more than one life. They are just NPCs in the video game wishing they were more. They definitely cannot go beyond the lower levels of the astral realm. They just want us to think we’re just like them. It gives them power and decreases our own. Mind is all. Know what they are and know what you are. We are NOT the same…….NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!! ASE!!!!!!!


  1. I can’t even count the number of wrinkles on his face. That is not infinite life, that is infinite wrinkles. Every time they look in the mirror, they know the “infinite” concept does not apply.

    • Das dat damn monkey gene in his jew ass!!! A wrinkle in time??? How about 500!?!?! They are done and still pretending its not ova sis!!! Melanated love forever!!! Let chaos rule!!!! ASE!!!!

  2. This is an Antoine Fuqua movie too. They are really desperate. Asé

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