Jason Bourne/Treadstone vs Mark Wahlberg/Treadway

June 12, 2021

Tell me you don’t see the overlap. JB is Boaz and Joachin the Twin Pillars of Solomon supporting the Tree of Life of manifestation we exist in for now. Markie Jew Mark has Berg in his Jewish last name which connotes the same imagery. Joachin can also be spelled Goachin so one is JB and the other is GB. Both mean the same thing. They do not want the Tree of Death or Daath to be revealed because they know only melanated beings can survive there and all physical manifestation aka the Tree of Life would cease to exist. Also what did Treadway have to do to remember who he was?!?!? He had to be born again aka Bourne again thru the water which is really melanin in another form which is why dehydration shuts down melanin along with sleep deprivation like in the jewvie “Awake”. Tread ain’t nothing but a reference to the kundalini energy rising. ASE!!!!!!

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