Easy As Hell Liver and Kidney Cleanse

June 13, 2021

The liver obviously handles most detox for the body. It’s by far the largest organ unless you count the skin. It’s ruled by Jupiter and Sagittarius so excess of anything will cause problems. Jupiter is Jew+Peter which is the pinkazoid god for expansion of everything. Of course they stole it from us and renamed it like everything else they do. The hybrids always want more of everything (except pain and truth) because they attach self-worth to physical objects because they are soulless with no eumelanin and a calcified pineal gland from their unnatural spliced hybrid DNA. Too much of a good thing is bad in any case.

The kidneys are destroyed by excessive sodium, high fructose corn syrup and prescription drugs…mainly the ones for so-called high blood pressure. Our blood pressure is supposed to be higher than theirs. We are not like them. The kidneys also control your sexual energy so if they are weak you will have a hard time awakening the kundalini along with good sex. The kidneys are ruled by Venus and Libra. Libra is all about balancing the scales of Ma’at. The hybrids have no balance.

ASE and feel ok!!!!

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