Angkor Wat and the Ending of “Infinite”

June 14, 2021

The movie “Infinite” had this image near the end of the jewvie right before the scene with Treadway and Artisan reincarnated in new bodies. This is the Temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia aka Khembodia built by the Kushites. They are telling us that we are the reincarnation of those people. It’s right in our faces in a vain attempt to turn the wrath of Mother Nature away from them. Mother Nature ain’t got no patience or forgiveness for hybrids. She ain’t like us. She just kill muthfuckas….period. The balance must be restored and the only way is hybrid extermination.

This is similar to “Sweet Tooth” where the antler boy had to go to Colorado to find his mother but he ended up finding other hybrids like him. They are telling us what they are doing beneath Denver International Airport with the human animal hybrid experiments. That’s why they have all those horrific murals in the airport scaring the shit out of everyone especially the children.

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