LBGTQIA+???? Faggots Are Running Out Of Letters!!!!

June 16, 2021

What does LBGTQIA stand for?

The LGBTQIA, also known as LGB, LGBT, LGBT+, etc. is a commonly used “grouping” of the most commonly known sexualities.

Lesbian – A female who likes other females.

Gay- A male who likes other males.

Bisexual- Someone who likes both genders, i.e. a girl who is sexually attracted to both males and females.

Transgender- A person who was born as the opposite gender they identify with.

Questioning/Gender Queer- Questioning is someone who is looking for an orientation or questioning their own, because they do not identify as heterosexual. Gender queer is when someone does not identify as either male or female.

Intersex- A person who doesn’t fit “the role” of either gender and/or someone between genders.

Asexuality-Someone who lacks sexual attraction.


  1. A few years ago my mom had a car issue and kind of tricked me into driving her to church. She tricked me by first asking “what are you doing? And I responded nothing. Then she was like, can you give me a ride to church. So I got suckered into going with her. A guest pastor, who appeared to be deviant, was at the pulpit and hardly no one came to church to hear what he had to say. He made this statement “I will get every homosexual, bi-sexual and tri-sexual up in here to fill up the church”. I had to hold my mom back because she wanted to get up there and hit him with her purse. Later, I had to ask at least 3 people what was a “tri-sexual”. Until someone said no, it’s “try-sexual” – someone who will “try” anything. I’m tired all these letters too. They are just deviants!. They took something natural and beautiful like a rainbow and gave it a terrible meaning. Now they took the whole month of June. WTH?

    • All is mind and everything vibrates at a certain frequency. We don’t belong on the same planet with them let alone the same dimension. They normalize the abnormal and most of us assimilate to it. I’m guilty from the past too but we are separating from them for good soon. ASE!!!!!

  2. Its more like dickelodeon now!!! Ase!!!

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