Why The Government Blew Up The Miami Condo

June 30, 2021

This was not a collapse.

It looks like the OKC bombing below and a bomb signature off the coast of Florida registered with the SDO that handles earthquakes.

This was all to get rid of some evidence that John McAfee had against the government which is why they had to kill him.

He apparently had a unit in the condo but it seems suspicious that he would admit it knowing how technical he was and aware of widespread corruption. It’s more likely that if he did it he was throwing them off the scent. They never hesitate to slaughter anyone in their way just like Israeli Mossad did on 9/11.

Here’s Israel looking for the McAfee proof against them!!!!!!!!

And here they pretend they are looking for survivors who probably got blown into bits by planted bombs just like in the basement of the Twin Towers when they destroyed the foundations first before blowing the whole buildings with controlled demolition.

These beasts don’t give a good goddamn. Parasites do anything to survive and appear harmless to keep sucking off the host…….US!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Nailed it

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